Transforming Disease Care
Through Personalized Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy for Cancer Care

About Us

Singular Immune aims to develop safe and effective therapies for patients with malignancies, auto-immune diseases, or heart diseases. We have develop a recombinant protein-based in vivo cell-engineering platform offering simple, safe, and cell-free treatment.



Our technology allows for the design of injectable proteins to transform immune cells and stem cells into disease-therapeutic cells within patient’s body.  Using our unique platform and advantageous technology, patients can harness their own cells to combat disease without requiring ex vivo engineered cells.



Singular Immune’s platform allows for the creation of iCAR and iHAR with recombinant fusion protein. These technologies allow for the modification of immune cells and stem cells within the patient’s body. The iCAR technology focuses on treating malignancies and autoimmune diseases by harnessing the capabilities of immune cells. iHAR allows for regenerative therapies, particularly for cardiovascular diseases. Singular Immune is actively dedicated to advancing the development of these pipelines.

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